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LYF magazineに掲載して頂きました!

新しいアバンギャルドな創造性に注目したイタリアの雑誌 LYF magazine 最新号に掲載して頂きました。

About LYF magazineLYF, acronym of the French Les Yeux Fertiles, was founded in 2009 by Cristina Frasca who is in the driving seat as publisher and editor-in-chief. It is not just a magazine but a pathway, an evolving laboratory, a nonchalant dialogue in which different personalities come together, telling their stories, each contributing their own individual poetry.

LYF contributes research and innovation with an often ironic and offbeat look but always attentive to the latest trends in eyewear design and new avantgarde creativity.

Each issue has a different theme around which the magazine is based, from the cover, the photo shoots, the pages featuring designers who have changed the way of “seeing” around the world, in harmonious coexistence with different styles and languages.

The deep passion with which it is designed and created, the care in terms of graphics, the choice of different types of paper, perfumed ink and other special processing make each issue an unexpected revelation, rendering LYF a unique project with guidelines but with no rigid boundaries to adhere to.


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