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24th of AUGUST

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Garments as gifts of time, imbued with historyand tradition, artisanally reworked intocontemporary design.

ARCHIVIO J. M. Ribot is a researching project by Karim Fares.

It is split in two clothing capsule :

_Archivio J.M. Ribot , an handmade clothing capsule of limited edition garments made with ancient textiels and buttons.

_RIforma, a series of one of a kind pieces created by combining antique parts of clothing from the early 20th century, turning their original function into something different, giving them new meaning while preserving the history and tactile memory.

All the pieces from the project are marked by the flow of time. They conserve their legacy, conveying it into a new life. All of them have been handmade in Italy out of antique textiles.

They have been made to last a lifetime and to give back to clothes the authentic function and meaning they used to have, beyond the trends imposed by fashion, and all the same maintaining the soul and charm time gave them.

Every detail, from the aged buttons to the antique fabrics and sewing threads, is the result of a fine research made throughout several years (not only) in Europe.

They have been made using a slow sewing technique without involving any overlock machines, the most of the garment was completely made by hand according to the oldest traditions.

Each piece is unique and any imperfection must be considered as a precious element that has been gifted by time.

It is the designer's choice to sell this brand exclusivery at the shop.

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