Unable to find his ideal jewelry, he started making his own while working as a buyer.In 1995: Launch of Detaj.The creative process always starts by developing a feeling for the material,by endless trials,making the most of the metal properties.In the distortion of the air, in shared times...Inspiration is always there.Away from decorative concerns, the goal is to find some beauty in the functionality and structure of objects.All Detaj jewelry is handmade in his workshop. Regardless of gender, creations address the individual.

209,000 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 190,000 Yen)
137,500 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 125,000 Yen)
84,700 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 77,000 Yen)
53,900 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 49,000 Yen)
33,550 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 30,500 Yen)
20,900 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 19,000 Yen)
20,900 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 19,000 Yen)
108,900 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 99,000 Yen)
67,100 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 61,000 Yen)
52,800 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 48,000 Yen)
52,800 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 48,000 Yen)
49,500 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 45,000 Yen)
37,400 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 34,000 Yen)
18,700 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 17,000 Yen)
37,400 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 34,000 Yen)
31,900 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 29,000 Yen)
5,060 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 4,600 Yen)
3,960 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 3,600 Yen)
110,000 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 100,000 Yen)
56,100 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 51,000 Yen)
29,700 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 27,000 Yen)
17,600 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 16,000 Yen)
22,000 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 20,000 Yen)