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24th of AUGUST

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Now is the time to rise above the whims of corporate fashion and actualise the individual. Industrial relations Faye & Erica Toogood have built a new collection — inspired by the workers, to inspire the workers. Eight new coats, practical and sculptural, crafted from hardwearing materials and engineered to withstand the changing seasons. Each garment derives from the workwear of a specific trade — an authentic vocation, not the shallow desk jobs of the digital age — marked with the signs of toil in screen-printed rubber and foil. Each piece knows no boundaries of age or gender, available in six sizes to enhance or disguise the individual frame. The materials are redolent of the values of staunch tradespeople: the waxed cotton of the oilrigger; the vulcanised rubber of the industrial labourer; the hardwearing canvas of the mariner and the artist. Unique documentation sewn inside celebrates its provenance, encouraging the wearer to forge a new link in its chain of production: the names of the buyer, the seller, the manufacturer, right back to the designer and the pattern-cutter, are all displayed with justifiable pride.

170,500 Yen (Including tax) 85,250 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 77,500 Yen)
Save 50%
133,100 Yen (Including tax) 66,550 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 60,500 Yen)
Save 50%
305,800 Yen (Including tax) 152,900 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 139,000 Yen)