There are unavoidable impacts on their delivery services due to the spread of COVID-19 and the suspension of some of the international routes.

In some cases we will have to cancel orders because of this.

If it is the case we will of course inform you within a couple of days.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

24th of AUGUST

Underage drinking is prohibited by law.
We do not sell alcohol to people under the age of 20.


308,000 Yen (Including tax) 154,000 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 140,000 Yen)
338,800 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 308,000 Yen)
338,800 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 308,000 Yen)
247,500 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 225,000 Yen)
172,700 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 157,000 Yen)
115,500 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 105,000 Yen)
305,800 Yen (Including tax) 152,900 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 139,000 Yen)
375,100 Yen (Including tax) 187,550 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 170,500 Yen)
86,900 Yen (Including tax) 43,450 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 39,500 Yen)
76,560 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 69,600 Yen)
Save 50%
305,800 Yen (Including tax) 152,900 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 139,000 Yen)
276,100 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 251,000 Yen)
225,500 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 205,000 Yen)
269,500 Yen (Including tax) 134,750 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 122,500 Yen)