Balance is created through attentiveness to proportion and detail. Characterized by distinguished shapes that form an identity built on complex constructions, silently placing the wearer in focus. It is an idea of reinforcing comfort and cradling strength. Power, drawn from the masculine and feminine, creating an androgynous and bold tone for individuals seeking unconventional beauty. Discovering the harmony and satisfaction in defying the obsessive desire for constant change. They are echoes vibrating from origins in different cultures, from their stories and traditions. An expression revolving around nature’s raw grounding beauty and around the honest display of its dark side giving birth to light, creating its ethereal essence. Breaking away from the constant search of belonging and experiencing the satiating feeling of finding one self outside the norm and the peacefulness in accepting one's solitude.
The designs within the collection draw inspiration from the designers’ home country origins. They focus on the fascination with the mysticism of the countries untouched forests, lakes, fields and mountains. Of its honest, raw, beauty that lay in woods that grow deep, where the thick mist covers the dark waters and the vast uninhabited spaces provides solitude. The collection echoes the shapes of the landscapes and its mysterious nature. The structural designs feature clean and strongly defined lines. Göran Horal creates balance in its designs through attention to proportion and detail. With their silhouettes and colour scheme, their collection is conveying the feeling that their source of inspiration evokes. It focuses on the sculptural beauty of shapes, a power drawn from the masculine and feminine, creating an androgynous and bold tone for individuals seeking unconventional, non-conforming beauty.

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