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24th of AUGUST


The impossible to pronounce CHEREVICHKIOTVICHKI (Cherevichki ot Vichki - Rus. Черевички от Bички ) stands for “a shoe by Victoria” in the old Slavic language, but said in a playful childish manner. The playful and nostalgic “cherevichki” name comes from the Lithuanian born self-taught shoemaker Victoria Andrejeva.

Affected by the extinct utilitarian lifestyle and surrounded by a myriad of natural materials found in the Baltic region, Victoria offered a series of skillfully crafted shoes for women using a set of techniques only found in the traditional bespoke, predominantly men’s, shoemaking. Following a success in a women’s world “cherevichki” branched out to making shoes for all genders, as well as hand-made bags and accessories.

173,800 Yen (Including tax) 86,900 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 79,000 Yen)
129,800 Yen (Including tax) 64,900 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 59,000 Yen)
Save 50%
165,000 Yen (Including tax) 82,500 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 75,000 Yen)