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24th of AUGUST


ROGGYKEI was created by designers Hitoshi Korogi and Keiko.

Experiences of working in an import select shop, in street style stores and then a vintage clothing shop led us to study pattern making in Osaka Fashion Design Academy.

Eventually we acquired secondary and tertiary certifications.

2012: Launch of ROGGYKEI collection.

Opening of an atelier and gallery shop in Honmachi, Osaka.

2014: Relocation of the shop and the studio to Nakanoshima, Osaka.

2015: Showing the collection in TRANÖI Paris.

2016: Winning a prize at The 3rd TOKYO FASHION AWARD.

2017: Invited to Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo AW2017.


We dedicate their design to timeless and unique details. Classics are also infused with originality. Working as costume designers enabled us to develop an elaborate yet wearable silhouette which offers a new aesthetic together with comfort and quality.

26,400 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 24,000 Yen)
26,400 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 24,000 Yen)
31,900 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 29,000 Yen)
42,900 Yen (Including tax) 30,030 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 27,300 Yen)
64,900 Yen (Including tax) 45,430 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 41,300 Yen)
49,500 Yen (Including tax) 34,650 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 31,500 Yen)
75,900 Yen (Including tax) 53,130 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 48,300 Yen)
49,500 Yen (Including tax) 24,750 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 22,500 Yen)
53,900 Yen (Including tax) 37,730 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 34,300 Yen)
49,500 Yen (Including tax) 34,650 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 31,500 Yen)
28,600 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 26,000 Yen)
17,600 Yen (Including tax) 12,320 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 11,200 Yen)
Save 30%
15,400 Yen (Including tax) 10,780 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 9,800 Yen)
31,900 Yen (Including tax) 22,330 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 20,300 Yen)
17,600 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 16,000 Yen)
26,400 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 24,000 Yen)
42,900 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 39,000 Yen)
31,900 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 29,000 Yen)
26,400 Yen (Including tax) (exc tax 24,000 Yen)