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W39cm H28cm D16cm





Tagliovivo was founded in 2012 and launched his first F/W collection in 2013, after two years of research made by the designer Giordano Lapegna.
Attracted by the Italian handicraft, natural fabrics, vegetable tanned leather, wrought iron… He decided to create a collection that combined these traditional elements and create a luxury product with raw materials.
Leather and metal are the key elements of the Tagliovivo products.
Our leathers are vegetable tanned and they are incredibly natural. The selection of leather maintains a certain aesthetic preservation – all of the original signs, marks and features are visible on the bags.
Tagliovivo doesn’t want to reject something that was part of the animal’s life, it is a form of respect of their life. This rough leather reminds of the nature and the wild life, therefore they aim to enhance the most natural elements.
All the iron accessories are hand made, so they are unique pieces and some of the iron rings we use, comes from ancient wrought iron chains from the second half of the nineteenth century.
Manufacture is made Italy by craftsmen whose experience in leather production dates back to three generations ago. Every single bag is cut by hand choosing the right part of the leather and is made to be a durable object that becomes more beautiful over time. With an artisanal touch, each piece shows uniqueness.