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Cherevichk ot Vichki is an Old Slavic, playful, children's expression that means "Victoria's Shoes". A shoe brand created by designer Victoria Andrejeva. The design traces back memories of childhood spent in Lithuania during Soviet rule in the 1980s, and references those nostalgic feelings and children's shoes of the time. The exotic leather used is sourced from Asia and processed in Tuscany, Italy. The production process takes place in Victoria's atelier in London. Comfort and craftsmanship are combined with the designer's own nostalgic original scenery.


Save ¥86,900CHEREVICHKIOTVICHKI<br> heeled bootsCHEREVICHKIOTVICHKI<br> heeled boots
heeled boots
Sale price (税込み)¥86,900 (税込み) Regular price (税込み)¥173,800 (税込み)