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We value experience and do not allow any compromise. We believe that true craftsmanship and strong beliefs can create something new. Something new doesn't necessarily have to be modern or different. There's no need to follow trends. Each piece that leaves our atelier is breathing and alive.

It takes dedication and focus to create something unique and long-lasting. In today's mechanized industrial society, we are particular about production using simple 6-step steps that use tools and almost no electricity. Each item is made by the same hand to ensure accuracy from stitching and detailing to completion.

All ideas may have been designed by someone over a long period of time. Fashion, Art and Music influence each other, but they are unable to get out of their own category. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. By pursuing your own category, you can create couture items that are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional as well, meeting modern needs.

Leather is a living material that is easily affected by various things and is difficult to handle. The leather we use is created in collaboration with a small tennery in Aachen, Germany, which has been using natural manufacturing methods for centuries. The more you use it, the more durable the material becomes.


ESDE<br> Leather belt DD / BLACKESDE<br> Leather belt DD / BLACK
Leather belt DD / BLACK
Sale price (税込み)¥27,500 (税込み)