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John Alexander Skelton is a recent graduate from the prestigious MA Course at Central Saint Martins, where his revered collection took the prize during London Fashion week. Skelton’s work stems from an extensive interest in the socio-political and the effect it has on fashion and culture within specific contexts and an obsession with the concept of class, past and present.

His recent collections have been inspired by themes as diverse as the cotton trade between India and Britain in the 1930s to traditional British 19th - century folk theatre and medieval pagan rituals. His tailoring evokes deconstructed versions of 19th - century menswear such as voluminous frock coats and high- waisted trousers.

An underlying and paramount facet to John Alexander Skelton’s work is sustainability. Using repur- posed cloth from existing clothing, utilising recycled fabrics such as antique bed sheets and old grain sacks, often found in markets, weaving wools from British fleece, knitting yarn from rare breeds of British sheep and naturally dyed and naturally finished materials. He customises these materials through hand-dying, over-washing, painting and patching to create garments inspired by his research into the past, traditional craft, heritage, politics and a step towards an entirely autonomously made collection.

JOHN ALEXANDER SKELTONは、デザイナーの意向により実店舗のみの販売となっております。