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MENS Hand Dyed Linen Silk Shirt DARK

Sale price (税込み)¥75,900 (税込み)

MODEL: 182cm/65kg: SIZE S


S / Shoulder width 54cm, Width 58cm, Length 74cm, Sleeve length 29cm
M / Shoulder width 56cm, Width 58cm, Length 74cm, Sleeve length 30cm
(Actual size values ​​are measured when placed flat. Please note that there may be slight differences between individuals.)

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In his studio in a warehouse built in 1895 in the center of Amsterdam, Biek Verstappen uses only natural materials such as silk, bamboo, angora goat, camel, yak and some sheep wool. creates ``cloths to wear.''

Throughout the process, from selecting the perfectly curled coats of her Wensleydale sheep to dyeing the various fibers, she relies solely on her senses to create a sense of serenity, intimacy and happiness through the materials. Manufactured with consideration to softness and softness.

What she is looking for is to understand the characteristics of each material and take advantage of its strengths. By layering various different types of materials, he adds depth to the materials. Through the dyeing process, each fiber reacts differently to the dye, resulting in a three-dimensional fabric. And it expresses her emotions and who she is, as well as the unpredictable nature and drama that only natural materials can have.