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Oval buckle belt / GRAY BLACK

Sale price (税込み)¥34,100 (税込み)

Belt length 116cm width 3cm
Ring diameter 9cm




The brand name is ``Tagliovivo,'' which means uncut, because it accurately expresses the brand's identity, which is a luxe yet rough look. This brand is characterized by its combination of vegetable tanned rough leather and metal.

The bags produced by Tagliovivo are natural.
The word natural here comes from the designer's idea of ​​accepting the flaws that are part of animals as they are, by making bags by leaving the scratches on the leather intact. They are born out of respect for animals. This rough, scratched leather reminds designers of nature. He wants his bags to be as close to nature as possible. Each piece is cut by hand, with consideration given to which parts are used to ensure durability and create a beautiful bag that can be used over time.

Metal is another distinctive point.
Many buckle rings use wrought iron chains made in the mid-to-late 19th century. It was used in Italy to hang teapots over fireplaces, and the moment I saw it for the first time, I was drawn to it and wanted to incorporate it into my bag. In addition to steel, we have also begun to incorporate aluminum materials. We created a round, laser-cut handle to create a contrast between the rough leather and shiny metal. They are created by craftsmen in a long-established workshop in Italy that has been in operation for three generations.